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my nephew said that it was probably a "test" type for a pg kit...

Richard Ramos wrote:

> 1. Is there a F91 Gundam PG or MG?
> There's a 1/60th model/toy. pretty cute and expensive.
> B. If yes, then do the opening panels on the "calves" of the suit fold flush
> into the leg (no gaps, layering)?
> they do.
> 4.) If yes, then HOW?!
> hinged panels.
> 12c. I remember asking quite a while ago what those "fan things" were that
> come out of the shoulder armor (heat radiators, right?). Anyway, when
> exactly are they used, and where are they stored in the meantime?
> yep, heat radiators, when the F91 goes into battle overdrive. and they are
> the shoulders.
> 1/2. Can the beam shield be used at the same time? I know that it's very
> difficult to do so with the model (I have a 1/100).
> -One thousand gracious remarks!
> I have that kit too...seems impossible if you ask me, unless you
> scratchbuild a pivoting shield generator.
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