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Franz G Co wrote:
> Interesting, from what I get it does seem like a variation, Th drawing of
> the MS with the Core Fighter isn't what is seen in the OVA and there's a
> drawing of the the OVA GP03S beside it clearly showing the difference. From
> this picture it sems that there's a variant of the GP03 that has a core
> fighter but no linear seat.
exactly my theory, perhaps as a stand-alone Mobile suit.. as far as i
can tell it's not untill Zeta or later that Core Fighters are proven to
be pretty much superfluous systems even on elite mobile weapons and
could be considered a legitimate escape technology for a stand-alone
unit, while the Stamen intended for docking with the Orchis would better
benifit from the Linier seat to make up for in field of vision what it
lacks in maneuverability, since it can't just swing around and look at
what's following it just so


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