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Speaking of White Base, i saw a picture of a HUGE 1/144 White Base that was
partly trasparent to reveal HGUC kits inside. This was in hobby Japan I

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>Grab the 1/1200 White Base, it doesn't get reissued often and >chances
>are slim for them to do a "HGUC" version of it.

>I was wandering through the Melbourne CBD yesterday and I stumbled upon a
>model shop... and right at the front, it had some OLD Gundam model kits.
>Original First Gundam and Zeta Gundam model kits. Among others, these
>Char's Gelgoog
>S-Gundam w/booster unit
>1/1200 White Base!!!!
>Are the First and Zeta model kit series worth buying, or should i stick to
>the newer kits?
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