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> Subject: [gundam] MG GP-03's Core Fighter confirmed
> Here's a scan from the latest Hobby Japan, courtesy of 'nugundam' from the
> gundam.com forums: http://www.geocities.com/chris_1906/P0001425.JPG

Looks like a kitbash to me -- I think the guy in the photo on the right-hand
page did the design shown on the two-page spread.

The four diagrams appear to be:

[1] the docking sequence of the Core Fighter

[2] plan views of the Core Fighter proper

[3] a back view of the GP03 showing the folded Core Fighter mounted as a
Backpack Weapon System (BWS)

[4] a detail of the parts swapped out for the backpack mount

My eyes really aren't up to this....

If this is an official retcon adding a Core Fighter to the GP03, then the
explanation for how it can co-exist with the linear seat is that it doesn't.
The Core Fighter is integrated into the GP03 externally in a kludgy sort of
combination of parts, not "folded" into it as a true Core Block System


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