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> Did I read a recent post correctly. I thought it mentioned that G-Unit had
> been purchased by Mixx for publication here in the US. Just trying to find
> out if that's true. Does anyone on the list have this information? Thanks in
> Advance.

True. Mixx will be translating Battlefield Of Pacifists, Endless Waltz and
G-Unit this year. The just released Gundam Wing #11 of 12 and should start in
on Endless Waltz immediately thereafter. I don't have any word on the others,
but I'd expect Battlefield Of Pacifists to be next, since it features the 5
Gundam Boys.

And, for what it's worth, Viz just release Blind Target #1 of 4. Viz's other
Gundam Wing title is Ground Zero, which recently concluded its 4-issue run and
should be released in a single volume in April.


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