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>I recently recived a SD gundam kit call MS-06C NISE Gundam Zaku Type I was
>wondering is this an actual gundam unit or something made up for the SD

It's the exclusive one-off character unit made up only for the SD line.
'Nise' means 'fake' in Japanese, and as the name shows, it is not a real
Gundam, but the Zaku type unit in RX-78's traditional tri-color scheme
and V-fin. This unfortunate guy made its only (and remarkable) anime
appearance in 'SD Gandamu Mo-Re;su' [SD Gundam version of Hanna Barbera's
classic cartoon series 'Wacky Races'!], one episode of the OVA series
'Mobile Suit SD Gundam' in late 80's... And you know, this guy's custom
race machine was... NISE WHITE BASE! [Musai in WB color scheme :-)]
That's all folks.

-Sunwook Kim

܆+ޱjya uz(

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