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>>Imagine my surprise when I opened this box, expecting the usually decent job
>>Bandai does on matching colors, only to discover something horribly wrong.
>> Well needless to say, I understand now.
> You poor sod. Of all the terrible kits you had to take up, you had
>to take up the terrible 1/144 0083 kits. Not an asuspicious beginning.

Think of it as this way: by buying an old 1/144 0083 kit, you get a real challenge as a modeller to make it better, especially if you've just completely built (painting, etc...) less than five kits before. Personally, there's no such thing with me as a "terrible" (in a quality-sense, unless it's brittle plastic), even Bendi kits are welcome for me.. Before you guys flame me here for buying one Bendi kit (a 1/144 Hydra Gundam - it's posted at, it was all because of curiousity. Anyway, my point is, especially with Bendi, where the parts fit are really mediocre and sometimes with non-existent panel lines, it gives me a better challenge than let's say, an MG kit. But then, I swore I'd never buy another one again, and I plan to keep that promise, but if a Bendi MG GP-01Fb comes my way, I probably won't turn it down so that I can try making it look better than my Bandai version (

-james r.
still hasn't tried resin models because of the cost (ugh...)


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