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Sat, 24 Feb 2001 03:49:44 -0800

>> I recently recived a SD gundam kit call MS-06C NISE Gundam Zaku
>> Type I was wondering is this an actual gundam unit or something
>> made up for the SD line?
>The MS-06C Zaku II is the "Early Production Type" from Kunio Okawara's Mobile
>Suit Variation (MSV) line. This was the MS piloted by Char Aznable and the
>Black Three Stars at the Battle of Raum at the beginning of the One Year War.
>Since the Zeon and Federation were using Nuclear, Biological and Chemical
>warfare at that time, this has always been presumed to be a
>nuclear-capable MS,
>so I suspect that "NISE" is an acronym indicating that fact.

Afraid you are way off the mark on that... even though these two designs
share the same designation, the SD kit in question looks like a bastard
son of a Zaku II and the Gundam, it's called a "Zaku disguise type". See
here for a picture of the box:


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