Sat, 24 Feb 2001 06:02:43 EST

Okay, I have to admit, after a number of years I finally got arround to
building some of the UC models that I've had setting arround. (I have all the
AC and AW models that I own built already.)

Imagine my surprise when I opened this box, expecting the usually decent job
Bandai does on matching colors, only to discover something horribly wrong. I
have to admit, I wasn't sure what those of you, who've been on the list
awhile, were talking about when you mentioned the poor quality of this model.
 Well needless to say, I understand now.

As soon as I'm feeling better (I have the flu now) this things going to get
taken care of with the old Badger Airgun, and about 5 GALLONS of paint.

::shakes his head, and wonders off muttering, "Grey and Black?? Grey and
Black?? What were they THINKING?!?!?!?"::


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