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> at any rate, i will never understand the appeal of
> underage anime girls.

*looks around ML to see if Mama Mirai is still subbed on the list...*

To each his own I guess. :)

I understand it to some extent, they've got some attractive real-life
pictures of girls in manga spreads and some idol singer stuff I've seen to
make you say "HEY..." ^_^

Kidding aside, I really think that their appeal IRL at that tender young age
has some kind of raw power that doesn't seem to translate well into anime.
Even Keiji Gotoh of Nadesico and Yoshiyuki Sadamoto and their respective
waif muses fail to appeal to me in that way. So far, I've really only seen
one artist who could replicate it extremely well - Masakazu Katsura (I"S,
Shadow Lady, Video Girl Ai) whose best work can make you feel really funny
without feeling guilty. :)

At least some of the time... :(


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