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Yeah, another one of those interesting fringe mecha series that we should
look up on. :)

BTW, my fringe mecha series I'm trying to look for info on is Panzer World
Galient - a sort of Prince Arthur with mecha . I only saw two tv eps of
this - but got hooked into it looking at the stunning mecha resin kits made
by Kotobukiya. 0_0


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> Sorry for yet another off-topic topic, but I was wondering
> if any one has seen any clips or episodes of this series?
> I recently picked up the latest issue of Protoculture Addict
> (an anime fan must have) and it had a bit of a profile of the
> series. Giving it a pretty good review. As to the mecha in the
> show -WOW!!! Very cool, if you're a Mecha head such as I.
> PA actually have some pretty good line art of the shows
> mecha. Which are very Nadesico/Gundam with a bit
> of Eva in the mix. Just maybe think if Hajime Katoki (sp?)
> did the mecha designs for Evangelion. The two main mecha,
> the Ordian, has a Escaflowne feel while the Loki had an
> Aura Battler look about it. Actually the series was created
> by Masami Obari (story, mecha and srceen play).
> So this is the sight where you can view some of the mecha
> and other aspects of the story.
> www.ordian.com
> If any one has any other info regarding the series please
> do pass on. I wonder if anyone is thinking of releasing it
> here in North America. When it comes to models or
> toys, I think they've only made limited run garage kits.
> Boy do I want one!
> -well any ways back to inking panel lines on my EW
> action figures!!! (they're not bad for $12 cdn)
> Marcel
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