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Nope, that's a bit of original artwork.
I have a twopage spread of that image in my Gundam Illustration World book.
It must have appeared in another book previous to that, though, because as
it was a twopage spread, there's no way it could have been scanned unless
someone cut up the book and Photoshop'd it..
just pulled my copy off the shelf.... the artist is "Hiroyuki Kitazume" who
did some _really_ really nice Zeta Gundam character pictures. There's one of
Four in a sundress that's quite stunning. He's got a really good eye for the
characters, most especially Four.
Flipping through the book I notice he did character art of ZZ Gundam as
well, some in the same style, but others in a different (more cel looking
than painting looking) that I don't like quite as much. There's also a
_really_ nice picture of the CCA era Amuro in here as well. Don't see any
art in here by him for any of the other series, unfortunately.

I'm actually glad you brought this up, because I never really looked at the
artists in this book. This guy is an exceptional character artist.

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