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> Alright boys and girls =P
> VOTOMS will be out on DVD on February 27th. Yes, the
> whole series. All 13
> DVD volumes are being released on the same day.
> The price is spectacularly low, too. $13.96 per DVD
> from express ($21.74cdn
> from www.cnl.com for my Canadian brethren). This is,
> of course, a 1983 anime
> series, and a pretty minimal DVD set, but that's a
> very attractive deal.
> Don't expect any digital remastering, a la the
> glamorous treatment Macross
> is getting, and it is a subtitle only release, but
> who cares?
> I hope this is something we'll see a lot of in the
> future. Old shows with a
> limited potential appeal getting the quick and cheap
> treatment for the
> hardcore fans. This opens up an awful lot of classic
> 70's and 80's super and
> giant robot shows up for potential release, so I
> hope this series does well.
> Shove the old episodes on DVD's, get a subtitle
> track on there, and sell 'em
> cheap to the fans. Hell, I'd never see VOTOMS
> otherwise, so I don't really
> need fancy extras and a dub track is a waste of DVD
> space for me, and the
> price makes it a clincher.
> Next time I make a DVD order I'l definately going to
> pick up a couple of
> volumes to check it out.
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Damn Im watching that show on the International
Channal late night wedesday In subtitles damn the
selling the that Already.

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