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Fri, 23 Feb 2001 00:13:38 -0500

awwwwllright girlfriend!!! u gooo gurl... diva's to the mailing list please!!!
(as I snap my fingers and flip my platinum blond wig)

...ummmm, sorry back to listening to my Patsy Cline and Liza Manelli
CD's (if you know what I mean... then u know what I mean)

Interesting, a gay positive anime club! Well come to think about it, there
are a few gay characters or themes in anime (may be more on the homo
-erotic side). Just think there are a few in GW. Max and Duo,
I questioned. Duo and Hero? hmmmmmmm... Mosspedia (sp) had that
cross-dressing (drag queen) I think named Yellow. Macross II the Movie
had that hair stylist (how typical). I think even in the earlier OVA of
Bubblegum Crisis the was an openly gay cop.

hmmmmm... come to think about it, exactly how good of "buddy's"
where Zechs and Trieze? There are probaly more but just can't think
of them right now (to busy plucking my eye brows) -haha...


Richie Ramos wrote:

> > > >Hi,
> > > >Does anyone know if there is an anime club that is just for gays? I am
> > > >interested in joining one or starting one myself if there is none.
> > > >If anyone is interested contact me!!
> > How would that be any different from any other anime club, besides the
> fact
> > you're all gay? I mean, what would it matter unless its a Yaoi exchange or
> > something?
> uhm, Duckflesh, there are some nuances of behavior and language that only
> gay guys and girls would know's hard to explain, but the
> difference does exist, and straight people, unless they are really
> open-minded or have always had gay friends, wouldn't get a large part of the
> conversations. No offense to anyone who may get offended by that remark,
> but just trying to explain a basically unexplainable thing...
> -
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