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Sorry for yet another off-topic topic, but I was wondering
if any one has seen any clips or episodes of this series?

I recently picked up the latest issue of Protoculture Addict
(an anime fan must have) and it had a bit of a profile of the
series. Giving it a pretty good review. As to the mecha in the
show -WOW!!! Very cool, if you're a Mecha head such as I.

PA actually have some pretty good line art of the shows
mecha. Which are very Nadesico/Gundam with a bit
of Eva in the mix. Just maybe think if Hajime Katoki (sp?)
did the mecha designs for Evangelion. The two main mecha,
the Ordian, has a Escaflowne feel while the Loki had an
Aura Battler look about it. Actually the series was created
by Masami Obari (story, mecha and srceen play).

So this is the sight where you can view some of the mecha
and other aspects of the story.

If any one has any other info regarding the series please
do pass on. I wonder if anyone is thinking of releasing it
here in North America. When it comes to models or
toys, I think they've only made limited run garage kits.
Boy do I want one!

-well any ways back to inking panel lines on my EW
action figures!!! (they're not bad for $12 cdn)


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