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 Does anyone know if there is an anime club that is just for gays? I am
interested in joining one or starting one myself if there is none.
If anyone is interested contact me!!

^_^ gerald lee

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> > So my questions are:
> >
> > Is GZ doujinshi? Is it cannonical in any way? In the sense that G-Unit
> > might be semi-cannonical. Are the artists "official" in some way? I am
> > really unfamiliar with the Japanese manga scene.
> Like all Gundam manga, GZ is officially licensed and approved by the Sotsu
> Agency, the licensing and copyright enforcement division of the Sunrise/Bandai
> co-venture. As such, the manga are approved "products" and, as contradictory as
> they may be to the on-screen continuity, canonical almost by definition.
> Ditto novelizations, game scenarios, radio dramas and other side stories.
> > Why did VIZ pick GZ to translate? There are so many UC and AC manga
> > sitting there untranslated. Doing a shojo manga is interesting, but it
> > doesn't seem like a profit-maximizer. Let's see now... one of these buttons
> > should unlurk Mark, maybe I should steal Mark's suit...
> Viz missed the boat on the Gundam Wing, Eternal Waltz, Battlefield of Pacifists
> and G-Unit manga, which had already been snapped up by Mixx, the publishing
> division of Tokyo Pop. (Or is it the other way around, with Tokyo Pop the
> marketing division of Mixx?)
> In any case, GZ was the only Wing related manga still up for grabs. Mixx may
> have passed on it for the very reasons you cited, but Johnny-come-lately Viz had
> to take it or leave it -- GZ was the only game left in town.
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