Richie Ramos (
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 11:08:53 +0800

Hokay people!

I just got some pics up in again.

just type in the search field "Ramos", and then press the search button.
there are four new pics: two Natakus (just take a look...) and a nice zaku,
and a pic of my ever lovable rx78 ver1Ra.

it's also over at a story with the two natakus, and the
Zaku and the ver.rarx78 are in the works (separate fics). With the
exception of the Natakus (which i will deal with in a non-yaoi GW
fanfic --yes, such a thing exists), the other stories will tie into the
Mechapinoy RPG...

In fact, the Zaku that I've put up is from the Mars Outreach Combat Fleet.
It's designed for close-quarters combat...

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