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>The fusion powered rocket motors on the MS work a bit >differently. Since
>fluid -- liquid or gas -- is converted to an explosively >expanding cloud
of ions
>by the heat of the reaction, no oxidation is required. Air, >water,
>maple syrup, milk, swamp gas, neon, freon, the blood of the >Zeon -- it all
>atomizes quite nicely, thank you. Whatever fluid you use is >the
propellant --
>the material whose expansion in a directed jet propels the >craft.

Makes me wonder what they do to thier liquid human waste. Now thats

*snipetty snip*

>Short-range MS theoretically have all the propellant they need >for their
>assigned missions in external reservoirs. When you need to go >farther or
>longer, you need to add additional propellant, which means >attaching
>tanks that can be tossed away when the propellant is used up.


Now why is it that we never see Fed Ms with extended propellant tanks? My
theory is that they tend to operate within always cloe by to a ship/carrier
and ar used more with fleet oereations while the Zions go mroe commando
style with their MS. I find it surprising that the Feds didn't come up with
a versin of the Zion marines.

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