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> > It seems to me that the Gundam, with its
> > transatmospheric flight capable Core
> > Fighter, should be able to take in air and water as
> > propellant in addition to
> > operating only internal reserves. That would put a
> > flight time limit only on
> > space operations, with the same freedom as the Dom
> > when it comes to Terrestrial
> > on (for want of a better word) Colonial operations.
> >
> > In fact, I'd expect all "ground unit" and "Colony
> > type" MS to have hybrid
> > engines. As I recall, they all seem to sport chest
> > vents that could serve as
> > intakes for same.
> but the gp01 didn't have chest vents in the breast
> area. in fact, the core fighter's retro-boosters are
> located there. "breast thrusters"...sounds a tad
> worse than "butt thrusters" (this is richie ramos'
> brand of innuendo all over, i assure you)
> i think the ez8 didn't have chest vents either, and
> the rx-79g had only one (yuck!).

 i think the vents on the chest are to ventilate the Reactor, i mean they
have to cool down that reactor somehow and we can see steam cóming from this
vent in 08thMS mand i seriously doubt that this one vent is supposed to be
an air intake of any kind
but another thing :
where are the vents on the dom, i mean it can hover above the ground but has
no intakes anywhere ????

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