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> dark horse release? you mean it's released in
> english?
> i see those thick novel-size manga of lone wolf and
> cub. are those it?
> how does LW&C compare to, er, kenshin? kenshin was
> historical-fiction (with a healthy dose of the
> latter).

Kenshin is my favorite anime, so i cant go bashing it ^_^
Lone wolf is much more realistic though, except for those guns in volume
five...well...you'll see em ^_^ also, the "dark past" element is more alive
in Lone Wolf. Kenshin tries to bury his, but Ogami Itto doesnt. in fact he
embraces it and kills, but never (arguably) dishonorably. and yes, those
thick lone wolf books are the dark horse release. i believe frank miller does
the covers. im not a big comic book junkie, but i hear he's a pretty famous


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