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> "Better off?" hmm, that is questionable, and if we were liberated, they
should have loosened their iron grip. Im not an American hater (see I write
in English thanks to them), but the idea of putting it into history that we
were "liberated" is inaccurate at best. We can all understand that that was
a time when the air still smelled of Feudalism and Colonialism. The US of A
back then was just like all the other conquering countries. But a liberator?
Maybe in WW2.

true, we never had any Filipinos in government until the Commonwealth in
1935. also, the Americans acted as oppressors also, not as bad as Spain was
in the 333 years, but oppressors nonetheless. of course the Americans had
to keep us pinned down, we were at the height of a revolution seeking
independence from Spain, no way were the Filipinos then gonna accept another

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