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>dark horse release? you mean it's released in
>i see those thick novel-size manga of lone wolf and
>cub. are those it?

>how does LW&C compare to, er, kenshin? kenshin was
>historical-fiction (with a healthy dose of the
>latter). how about lone wolf?


Rurouni Kenshin (or RuroKen) was just partly based on history with only a
few actual historical characters. Kenshin Himura himself was based on
another great Hitokiri - Kawakami Gensai who could be mistaken as a girl on
first notice.

LW & C, I have no idea if it is historically accurate or not. However I
wouldn't really compare the two manga as RuroKen tends to cater more to the
fans with a few bishounen along the way as well as some rather unrealistic
moves. The ther's the occasional comic humor. LW & C I think has a darker
tone than RuroKen. It would be more proper to compare LW & C to a more
similar samurai manga name: Muugen no Jyuunin: Blade of the Immortal (or
just plain ol Blade of the Immortal).

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