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>On a trip to my local kit importer, I noticed a few interesting MGs.
>Char's Rick Dom, Gato's Gelgoog, and I believe Char's Gundam.
>The hell are these?

MG Casval's (Char) Gundam and MG Gato's Gelgoog were both plated
(actually I think they were spray coated like the 20th anniv.
special coating version MG kits) and were the first con-exclusive
MG kits Bandai released about 2 or 3 years ago. Each came with
an exclusive pilot figure which became non-exclusive after Bandai
made coating versions of MG Char's Zaku II and MG GP02A, although
IIRC the figures were molded in different resin/color.

The MG Char's RickDom is from a more recent convention in Japan,
IIRC it was available with the MG Alex at the same show. Both had
combination of plated/coated parts and see-thru/translucent parts.
Don't think they came with pilot figures though.

No retooling of actual parts, just color variation.


>I couldn't really see them, or ask about them,
>being that the store was closed and I was just looking from the
>outside in.. But does anyone know anything about them? Are they
>just color variants, or are they slightly retooled with different
>weapons and stuff..
> ~PhaZe 0ne - The Topic Killer

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