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People who watch Gundam and other pretty complicated series could understand and follow Brain Powerd. It's just that if someone doesn't get hooked within five minutes of watching it trying to find something to sustain them (like girls watching their beloved bishounen in the complicated Gwing series) they zone out.

But you must watch it from the first episode straight. I tried following it on TV here locally by skipping episodes and trust me, its very difficult to follow what's going on if you do... it's not that easy a series to follow in a TV context. I got to see the first eight straight and I still got lost by skipping some episodes in the middle. 0_0

I did hope that a series with Tomino, Nagano and Kanno (three of my faves) would blow EVA away... alas, it wasn't meant to be. The music instrumentals are a personal favorite - and the music that they used for the Bandai US ad blew me away enough to try and find the series on tape. Not to mention that it had the best opening and closing themes for a mecha show as well.

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  Alright, would someone tell me why this series has such a bad reputation? I've watched the first few episodes and I can't see anything wrong. The story isn't 'incomprehensible', as some sites say; I actually think it's pretty interesting and I've almost run out of tapes to rent at my local shop. The animation doesn't suck, the character designs aren't hideous misshapen mutants... have people just decided to hate it because the OP is filled with naked young women? What am I missing here? (Or, conversly, not missing?)
  Am I just too simple to see what everyone else hates in series? First Gundam X, and now this. =)
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