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I meant "tie in" as in popularity
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> > Actually, No one really liked the alternate timelines except for Gundam
> > Wing. It has the most UC-ish designs of the Alternate Universes
> the
> > Zaku spin-offs). Gundam X would have tied in with Wing, only that the
> series
> > was cut short because of a 6:00 AM Friday morning slot...
> errrrr, no. "Gundam X" is the most UC-ish of all the alternate timelines.
> They have newtypes, Colonies that look like UC colonies, and Zakus. Like
> someone once said, take 0079, turn the volume up to 11, and you get the
> space war of Gundam X. The Gundam X looks more like the original Gundams
> than "anything" out of wing.(take off the satellite cannon, and you'll see
> what I mean).
> You are right, though, in explaining it's demise. When it was moved from
> it's popular timeslot to the 6:00am slot, that killed it. I just wish
> finished the next 10-13 episodes that were planned for the series when
> brought it out on VHS/DVD.
> I don't think though that Gundam X was ever ment to tie-in with Gundam W.
> They are just too dissimilar.
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