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I'd like to see lots and lots and lots of GMs, and EVERY SINGLE FREAKIN'

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> > 4. Albion play set! It's going to look _So_ cool on my desk. I'm going
to get
> > one and take to work with me ;p
> Gundam toys in general -- I've always preferred the HCM, Micro Gundam, MS
> Pocket and MS In Action lines to models and now I'll be able to get them
> reasonable prices.
> And, as I noted in earlier posts, we'll eventually see the Gundam logo on
> that have nothing to do with Gundam.
> > 5. Seeing cosplayers dressing as OYW characters. I've seen literally
> > of Duo's (the vast majority cosplayed by females), a number of trowa's
> > Heero's, and a handful of the others, but I've never seen an Amuro. I
> > see a chick dressed up in a OYW Zeon uniform in this ... odd ... "how
> > Cosplay video I saw once.
> > 6. Gundam on DVD! Mmmm ... shiny plastic disks! Even if I can't buy the
> > First Gundam DVD's, 0080/0083/08th MS team will console me.
> Ditto. And I'm a patient man -- I've already waited 15 years to see the
> Gundam series and how it differs from the movie trilogy, so what's a few
> more?
> > 7. Seeing misinformed people trying to integrate First Gundam into the
> > timeline. You know its going to happen, and I know it's going to be
wrong to
> > laugh, but damnit, I can't wait to read some of the stuff people are
> > to come up with. Some of the X into Wing things I've read are strange
> > ... oooh =) Should be good for a laugh.
> It's already happened, at least among clueless reviewers. There was the
guy who
> reviewed the Gundam 0079 comics who said that it was "set in the After
> 0079, 116 years before the events Gundam Wing"...
> > ... okay, anyone else?
> Hearing parent groups complain that, bad as Gundam Wing was with regard to
> violence, First Gundam is even worse.
> Seeing all of the My Love Shrine to Garma sites pop up on the Web.
> Comparisons of Gundam Wing and First Gundam that note that FG not only
rips off
> GW but also Star Wars.
> A Space Colony play set with a two-foot long cylinder that opens up to
show a
> miniature cityscape, into which you can plug your itty-bitty MS and
> (Not to scale)
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