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> 5. Seeing cosplayers dressing as OYW characters. I've seen literally

Last year at Otakon there was a guy dressed as Char from OYW, complete with
helmet and mini-cape, flanked by a few guys in Zeon uniforms. Cool stuff.

Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok
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> There's been some bad vibes on the list lately, so I propose we all make a
> list of things to look forward to this year in a general sense of GML
> comradery.
> 1. UC MSiA's .... why? So I can buy many, many GM's and Zaku's for their
> kickass accessories. Right now I've got my Char-type Zaku holding its
> bazooka and a GM shield and it looks quite cool. The OYW Feddie shield
> rocks! Then I can have two beam spray guns for some guns akimbo action
> my GM.
> 2. Walking into a mainstream department store and seeing UC stuff on the
> shelf. It was strange enough walking into a zellers and seeing a 1/144
> Deathscythe staring at me, but its going to be positively surreal seeing
> rows of Zaku's! That's a feeling I'm looking forward to relishing
> my wallet will hate me for it)
> 3. Reading message boards and usenet as Wingers with no exposure to UC
> finally get a taste of what we've all been enjoying. Regardless of
> as a whole, they like it or not, I'm _really_ looking forward to seeing
> they say. All along we've been saying Gundam can stand on its own, but I'd
> quite like to see if it can ... if non-Gundam fans, and people who have no
> idea what anime is can get into it. Should be an interesting social
> experiment, at the very least.
> 4. Albion playset! It's going to look _So_ cool on my desk. I'm going to
> one and take to work with me ;p
> 5. Seeing cosplayers dressing as OYW characters. I've seen literally
> of Duo's (the vast majority cosplayed by females), a number of trowa's and
> Heero's, and a handful of the others, but I've never seen an Amuro. I did
> see a chick dressed up in a OYW Zeon uniform in this ... odd ... "how to"
> Cosplay video I saw once.
> 6. Gundam on DVD! Mmmm ... shiny plastic disks! Even if I can't buy the
> First Gundam DVD's, 0080/0083/08th MS team will console me.
> 7. Seeing misinformed people trying to integrate First Gundam into the
> timeline. You know its going to happen, and I know it's going to be wrong
> laugh, but damnit, I can't wait to read some of the stuff people are going
> to come up with. Some of the X into Wing things I've read are strange
> ... oooh =) Should be good for a laugh.
> 8. Gundam music videos. I've been a fan of anime music videos for a long
> time, and I've got copies of a few dozen, and I've seen even more, but
> only ever seen one Gundam music video that was worth watching, and it was
> Wing vid. With Gundam going a bit more mainstream, hopefully we'll see
> Maboroshi, Aluminum Studios, or Kevin Caldwell taking a swing at our
> favorite series.
> 9. Seeing the Zakurello on TV. That's going to be a moment to treasure =P
> ... okay, anyone else?
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