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> 4. Albion play set! It's going to look _So_ cool on my desk. I'm going to get
> one and take to work with me ;p

Gundam toys in general -- I've always preferred the HCM, Micro Gundam, MS In
Pocket and MS In Action lines to models and now I'll be able to get them for
reasonable prices.

And, as I noted in earlier posts, we'll eventually see the Gundam logo on toys
that have nothing to do with Gundam.

> 5. Seeing cosplayers dressing as OYW characters. I've seen literally dozens
> of Duo's (the vast majority cosplayed by females), a number of trowa's and
> Heero's, and a handful of the others, but I've never seen an Amuro. I did
> see a chick dressed up in a OYW Zeon uniform in this ... odd ... "how to"
> Cosplay video I saw once.
> 6. Gundam on DVD! Mmmm ... shiny plastic disks! Even if I can't buy the
> First Gundam DVD's, 0080/0083/08th MS team will console me.

Ditto. And I'm a patient man -- I've already waited 15 years to see the First
Gundam series and how it differs from the movie trilogy, so what's a few years

> 7. Seeing misinformed people trying to integrate First Gundam into the Wing
> timeline. You know its going to happen, and I know it's going to be wrong to
> laugh, but damnit, I can't wait to read some of the stuff people are going
> to come up with. Some of the X into Wing things I've read are strange enough
> ... oooh =) Should be good for a laugh.

It's already happened, at least among clueless reviewers. There was the guy who
reviewed the Gundam 0079 comics who said that it was "set in the After Colony
0079, 116 years before the events Gundam Wing"...

> ... okay, anyone else?

Hearing parent groups complain that, bad as Gundam Wing was with regard to
violence, First Gundam is even worse.

Seeing all of the My Love Shrine to Garma sites pop up on the Web.

Comparisons of Gundam Wing and First Gundam that note that FG not only rips off
GW but also Star Wars.

A Space Colony play set with a two-foot long cylinder that opens up to show a
miniature cityscape, into which you can plug your itty-bitty MS and spaceships.
(Not to scale)


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