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There's been some bad vibes on the list lately, so I propose we all make a
list of things to look forward to this year in a general sense of GML

1. UC MSiA's .... why? So I can buy many, many GM's and Zaku's for their
kickass accessories. Right now I've got my Char-type Zaku holding its
bazooka and a GM shield and it looks quite cool. The OYW Feddie shield just
rocks! Then I can have two beam spray guns for some guns akimbo action with
my GM.
2. Walking into a mainstream department store and seeing UC stuff on the
shelf. It was strange enough walking into a zellers and seeing a 1/144
Deathscythe staring at me, but its going to be positively surreal seeing
rows of Zaku's! That's a feeling I'm looking forward to relishing (Although
my wallet will hate me for it)
3. Reading message boards and usenet as Wingers with no exposure to UC
finally get a taste of what we've all been enjoying. Regardless of whether,
as a whole, they like it or not, I'm _really_ looking forward to seeing what
they say. All along we've been saying Gundam can stand on its own, but I'd
quite like to see if it can ... if non-Gundam fans, and people who have no
idea what anime is can get into it. Should be an interesting social
experiment, at the very least.
4. Albion playset! It's going to look _So_ cool on my desk. I'm going to get
one and take to work with me ;p
5. Seeing cosplayers dressing as OYW characters. I've seen literally dozens
of Duo's (the vast majority cosplayed by females), a number of trowa's and
Heero's, and a handful of the others, but I've never seen an Amuro. I did
see a chick dressed up in a OYW Zeon uniform in this ... odd ... "how to"
Cosplay video I saw once.
6. Gundam on DVD! Mmmm ... shiny plastic disks! Even if I can't buy the
First Gundam DVD's, 0080/0083/08th MS team will console me.
7. Seeing misinformed people trying to integrate First Gundam into the Wing
timeline. You know its going to happen, and I know it's going to be wrong to
laugh, but damnit, I can't wait to read some of the stuff people are going
to come up with. Some of the X into Wing things I've read are strange enough
... oooh =) Should be good for a laugh.
8. Gundam music videos. I've been a fan of anime music videos for a long
time, and I've got copies of a few dozen, and I've seen even more, but I've
only ever seen one Gundam music video that was worth watching, and it was a
Wing vid. With Gundam going a bit more mainstream, hopefully we'll see
Maboroshi, Aluminum Studios, or Kevin Caldwell taking a swing at our
favorite series.
9. Seeing the Zakurello on TV. That's going to be a moment to treasure =P

... okay, anyone else?

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