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   Yes, let's all come out and say how good X is!!

   I'm sick of being in a minority because I like it :-)

Juan Alberto B. Mercado wrote:

> 2.Garoad Ran - He is one of the least mentioned main characters. I think he's cool because he grows up in the series. (Okay, the next sentence has something to do with Wing, but please...I mean no harm) Unlike in Gundam Wing, the characters are basically static. They go through change, but it's either too sudden (like Wu Fei) or too long (like Heero). Garoad is a kid, but by the end of the show he turns out to be a man, more or less and he cracks me up.

   There are also some nice character moments for secondary characters,
like Robby and Witts. Not wishing to sound negative about Wing (heaven
forbid), but this is one of the things that I think makes X superior to

> 3. The Frost Brothers - These two probably represents Char and Zechs from the other shows. They're conniving and you don't know when they'll show up. Also, that tag team fighting is great.

   And they're dress sense is pretty cool, too. And the Virsago kicks

> 4. Newtypes - OK, so this isn't the way we all remember UC Newtypes, but the psychic power and Newtype-exclusive hardware is cool, especially since Garoad is not a Newtype and he always has to fight against overwhelming odds.





   I love the spin X puts on the newtype thing, and the ideologie of it
in general. The way everyone, even Jamil Neet, was fixating on this
meaningless concept based on one isolated incident years ago instead of
trying to MAKE the future they all wished to see struck me at the time.
The whole DOME segment I liked.

Just adding my 2 cents, which due to international exchange rates is
almost entirely worthless :-)

Have fun,

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