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> So my questions are:
> Is GZ doujinshi? Is it cannonical in any way? In the sense that G-Unit
> might be semi-cannonical. Are the artists "official" in some way? I am
> really unfamiliar with the Japanese manga scene.

Like all Gundam manga, GZ is officially licensed and approved by the Sotsu
Agency, the licensing and copyright enforcement division of the Sunrise/Bandai
co-venture. As such, the manga are approved "products" and, as contradictory as
they may be to the on-screen continuity, canonical almost by definition.

Ditto novelizations, game scenarios, radio dramas and other side stories.

> Why did VIZ pick GZ to translate? There are so many UC and AC manga
> sitting there untranslated. Doing a shojo manga is interesting, but it
> doesn't seem like a profit-maximizer. Let's see now... one of these buttons
> should unlurk Mark, maybe I should steal Mark's suit...

Viz missed the boat on the Gundam Wing, Eternal Waltz, Battlefield of Pacifists
and G-Unit manga, which had already been snapped up by Mixx, the publishing
division of Tokyo Pop. (Or is it the other way around, with Tokyo Pop the
marketing division of Mixx?)

In any case, GZ was the only Wing related manga still up for grabs. Mixx may
have passed on it for the very reasons you cited, but Johnny-come-lately Viz had
to take it or leave it -- GZ was the only game left in town.


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