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> And the nice fuel tanks.

Not to pick nits or anything, but the proper term is "propellant" -- the stuff
that gets expended to move the MS around. "Fuel" is what keeps the Minovsky
reactor that drives the apogee motors going and isn't expended during the course
of a single sortie; it may, in fact, be good for years of operation.

If the MS is something like the MS-09 Dom and uses air or water for propellant,
you won't likely run out of either fuel or propellant. You may burn out the
engine, but you won't run out of "gas" during the campaign.

It seems to me that the Gundam, with its transatmospheric flight capable Core
Fighter, should be able to take in air and water as propellant in addition to
operating only internal reserves. That would put a flight time limit only on
space operations, with the same freedom as the Dom when it comes to Terrestrial
on (for want of a better word) Colonial operations.

In fact, I'd expect all "ground unit" and "Colony type" MS to have hybrid
engines. As I recall, they all seem to sport chest vents that could serve as
intakes for same.


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