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Thu, 22 Feb 2001 11:45:48 -0800

> Anyway, as for Brain Powerd, I think too many people saw it
> as a cheap Eva knock off and by keep making such comparisons,
> they didn't really give the series a fair shot, which pretty
> much resulted in all those negative reviews. I thought Brain'd
> was pretty entertaining, though I can't think of anything
> really exceptional about the series...

To be fair, Tomino himself invited the comparison with some ill-advised remarks
to the effect that BP would blow Eva away. This brought some backlash from both
Eva fans and Gundam fans, who opined as how BP was not as good as either.

I love the music -- some of Yoko Kanno's best, in my opinion even better than
her work on Turn A and Escaflowne -- and I'm really looking forward to getting
the entire series on multilingual DVD.


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