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> There are fansubs out there. ;-)
> Anyways, I saw GX and I enjoyed it, quite a bit. The one thing that got me
> though, was that, watching through the latter portions of the series, it
> really is brought to a quick ending. I wish they had finished it up for a
> video release or something, it left me with a sort of "rushed" feel.

I agree, it would have been nice if they had added in the episodes they were
forced to leave out because the series was cut from the line-up.(friday at
6:00 am?? what were they thinking)

GX is my favorite of all the Alternate timelines. and Possibly my favorite
gundam, but I'd have to watch 0083 a few more times to be sure.(heh, one of
the few series where I'm rooting for the bad guy, just so long as he kills


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