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--- "Dr. Core" <core@pojo.com> wrote:
> -Z- wrote:
> >The March 2, 2001 Comics Buyer's Guide (#1424)
> reviewed the Gundam Wing:
> >Ground
> >Zero Trade Paperback (TPB) in its Comics In Your
> Future section, where a
> >
> >BIGGERS: The appeal of Gundam Wing is lost on me.
> I actually suspect
> >this will
> >work much better in a smaller size; enlarged to
> comics format, the art
> >seems too
> >big, the panels too open, the story too minimal.
> This is standard Gundam Wing
> >fare, I'm sure, but it's not a comic book I'd ever
> read for fun. Grade: C.
> Thanks Z for a good post in a bad week (month?) for
> GML. I'd love to see
> these dudes reviewing, say, Kondo's 0079 comics.
> As the not very proud owner of issues 1 and 4 (first
> and last) of the comic
> format, I'd say all the criticisms were quite valid.
> Average of "C+" out of
> A+ to F is rather generous. The only problem is
> that Ground Zero is NOT
> standard Gundam Wing fare, and it is not "standard"
> Japanese style or
> storywriting. It is perhaps standard GW shojo
> doujinshi. It will be bad if a
> lot of authorities go around saying this is standard
> GW.
> So my questions are:
> Is GZ doujinshi? Is it cannonical in any way? In
> the sense that G-Unit
> might be semi-cannonical. Are the artists
> "official" in some way? I am
> really unfamiliar with the Japanese manga scene.

Well can you guess its sells because its Gundam Wing
that other Stereotype (im sorry) in there I guess Viz
is trying to Cash in the Gundam Wing Farnchies well
when I saw the Gundam Wing Manga the story was too
minimal to begin with I have to say that it really not
good Manga but still the TV series is better then the Manga.

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