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Well Gundam X just blows IMO, with little to no story, mostly crappy MS
designs, extremely overpowered MSes (A certain scene in the latter half of
the series comes to mind), and characters who...just seem to be there with
little to no reason at all (Frost Brother's reasoning was really really
stupid, and Garoad' just there for Tifa...actually...all the Pilots seem to
be on the Freeden for the chicks :P)...I still can't believe I managed to
stomach the entire series.

Anyway, as for Brain Powerd, I think too many people saw it as a cheap Eva
knock off and by keep making such comparisons, they didn't really give the
series a fair shot, which pretty much resulted in all those negative
reviews. I thought Brain'd was pretty entertaining, though I can't think of
anything really exceptional about the series...

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  Alright, would someone tell me why this series has such a bad reputation?
I've watched the first few episodes and I can't see anything wrong. The
story isn't 'incomprehensible', as some sites say; I actually think it's
pretty interesting and I've almost run out of tapes to rent at my local
shop. The animation doesn't suck, the character designs aren't hideous
misshapen mutants... have people just decided to hate it because the OP is
filled with naked young women? What am I missing here? (Or, conversly, not

  Am I just too simple to see what everyone else hates in series? First
Gundam X, and now this. =)

  - dom

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