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> The ronin, who hires himself out as a mercenary bodyguard, enforcer,
> assassin or
> whatever, travels with his son is a bamboo perambulator filled with hidden
> weapons and booby traps. Although his journey seems random, he never fails
> to
> encounter an old enemy or the minions of same in the course of a seemingly
> unrelated job and dispatches them with some incredible move, always unique,
> along the way.

im into volume five of what is the dark horse release of the manga, and i
have to say lone wolf has quickly become a favorite of mine. the way he
utilizes his son in his assassinations is quite skillful, and his whole
obsession with meifumado <buddhist version of hell> is similar to Mu, total
emptiness. i think there is some reference to that in volume four. In any
case, Lone Wolf and Cub is a definite must read.


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