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Thu, 22 Feb 2001 19:32:50 +0800 wrote:

>> >i suppose the shield puncher would look good, going for a medium-to-close
>> combat setup.

my Gelgoog Jaeger's spike shield is meaner ^_^

although it is harder to use it - the elbow joints on mine are too tight and clumsy (probably a random design defect/error)

>> It looks good. The posibility of the Marine is such that you can
>> really have fun with the kit -- just don't let Richie gets his hands on
>> yours. It may become a ballerina again. =)
>GOt it wrong! it's garrick who does that! ARGH!
><STOMPS(tm) Garrick>

>> >i'm itching to give it long range firepower though...a
>> >biiig looong gun...damn, any mecha will look twice as
>> >good with a badass gun.
>> Be patient. That has to come in the Cima Marine Commander. Along
>> with a huge shield for it to hide behind. =)
>And the nice fuel tanks.


I really hate it when I read/hear/see people discussing kitbashes to Gelgoogs and I have the capacity (but not necessarily time) to do I have one more kitbash project in line...

-james r.
still waiting for a Cima's Gelgoog and hopefully with a 1/20 Cima figure inside (forget about Nina!!!) 8-)


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