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-Z- wrote:
>The March 2, 2001 Comics Buyer's Guide (#1424) reviewed the Gundam Wing:
>Zero Trade Paperback (TPB) in its Comics In Your Future section, where a
>BIGGERS: The appeal of Gundam Wing is lost on me. I actually suspect
>this will
>work much better in a smaller size; enlarged to comics format, the art
>seems too
>big, the panels too open, the story too minimal. This is standard Gundam Wing
>fare, I'm sure, but it's not a comic book I'd ever read for fun. Grade: C.

Thanks Z for a good post in a bad week (month?) for GML. I'd love to see
these dudes reviewing, say, Kondo's 0079 comics.

As the not very proud owner of issues 1 and 4 (first and last) of the comic
format, I'd say all the criticisms were quite valid. Average of "C+" out of
A+ to F is rather generous. The only problem is that Ground Zero is NOT
standard Gundam Wing fare, and it is not "standard" Japanese style or
storywriting. It is perhaps standard GW shojo doujinshi. It will be bad if a
lot of authorities go around saying this is standard GW.

So my questions are:

Is GZ doujinshi? Is it cannonical in any way? In the sense that G-Unit
might be semi-cannonical. Are the artists "official" in some way? I am
really unfamiliar with the Japanese manga scene.

Why did VIZ pick GZ to translate? There are so many UC and AC manga
sitting there untranslated. Doing a shojo manga is interesting, but it
doesn't seem like a profit-maximizer. Let's see now... one of these buttons
should unlurk Mark, maybe I should steal Mark's suit...

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