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>franz your are posting everything twice recently, check your e->mail
>or something

I think it's the e-mail server, will check.

>oh and what do you mean by i sit the left.....

is it the left? (little typo)

>and better than what original hand? that 5 barrel Machinegun >hand ? i
>from what i have seen its lovely against the fat finger a >blazing hand
>but i think the design of a hand with interchangeable finger >pieces is
>strange but as long as it can point the Gatling shield forwards >without
>elbow dropping or the gouf topling over its fine with me *G*

I agree

>to anyone who has got the MG gc already: does it come with >regular MG
>( thumb,index and 3 fingers as seperate pieces ) as well or is >it just
>2 hand pieces and interchangeable finger parts ???

Has it come out already?

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