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At 23:14 02/21/2001 -0800, garrick lee wrote:
>oy. it's settled. i just got the hguc gelgoog marine. :)

        Have fun with it. =)

>i suppose the shield puncher would look good, going for a medium-to-close
combat setup.

        It looks good. The posibility of the Marine is such that you can
really have fun with the kit -- just don't let Richie gets his hands on
yours. It may become a ballerina again. =)

>i'm itching to give it long range firepower though...a
>biiig looong gun...damn, any mecha will look twice as
>good with a badass gun.

        Be patient. That has to come in the Cima Marine Commander. Along
with a huge shield for it to hide behind. =)

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