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> In short, there was more to the war than the little bit you wrote above.

of course there was, but this is Gundam ML, not history class <joking

> At any rate, from what I've heard from others who are more knowledgeable,
> and the Philippines actually ended up better off due to their status as
> 'liberated colonies' (the official explanation given to the public of a
> that officially had no colonies) than the numerous 'independent' banana
> republics south of the US.

Uhm, again, that is a point of view. Yes, we definitely ended up better
economically, but culturally, it was a disaster. I have no idea how to
quantify the pros and cons of such a thing, but up to now, it still hurts to
know that a good percetnage of our native culture was wiped out. Not to
mention the toxic waste, interventionism, and all that.

> (And as to why we never dominated Canada like that? We tried to liberate
> Canadians from their evil British oppressors way back in 1812, but the
> British had apparently brainwashed the Canadians into fighting against
> liberators. Maybe we can correct this problem when Mel Gibson makes a
> about it. ;) )
> As they say, every cloud has a silver lining.
> junior

Either that, or it's just a lot of ice crystals floating in mid-air.

But enough of all this! I have no wish to go off on another long!

Would the American Takeover of the Philippines have a similar vent in

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