Richie Ramos (
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 15:38:34 +0800

> oy. it's settled. i just got the hguc gelgoog
> marine. :) the mmp-80 is one of my favorite looking
> machineguns. i suppose the shield puncher would look
> good, going for a medium-to-close combat setup. i'm
> itching to give it long range firepower though...a
> biiig looong gun...damn, any mecha will look twice as
> good with a badass gun.

You should have gotten the Ex-S Cannon I gave to Paul.

> meanwhile, the mg gelgoog cannon is all by its
> lonesome on the shelves...looking none too good for
> the wear and tear, too. this is mind boggling...who
> on earth coulda swiped all the gelgoogs? same thing
> with the 1/144 ex-sentinels...there were dozens of
> them, and now the only one remaining is the booster
> version sentinel. 1/144 8th ms gm's are all gone
> too...and there were dozens of those. i smell
> something fishy.
> -garr

I knocked of the 08thMS Gm's...I have about five of them.

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