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> Gundam Wing and the other series. not all people will spend 1-2 hours a
> day/night to research on Gundam, they may be what we call casual fans,

Well, that's true, but hey, point your browser to (which is
naturally one of the first sites to come to mind) and click on any of the
links - story, timeline, suit datafile, there's other series listed there.
Idunno, I'd be curious to see what they are, I wouldn't just jump straight
to the wing stuff if that was all I knew.

> series. on the other hand if Mobile Suit Gundam was the first Gundam to
> shown in the US, you'd expect people to be looking for Amuro or Char in
> Wing.

See, that's something I don't get. I mean, WHY would you look for them?
Maybe it's a different mindset some people, but, with the exception of the
15-year span that the Amuro/Char thing covered (from OYW up to Char's
counterattack), the characters aren't the same. Char and Amuro were in Zeta,
but weren't main characters. I don't recall them having anything to do with
ZZ, or any of the OVAs either. Heck, in 0083 the only reference to the TV
series was calling the Albion a modified white base, or something like that.

It's like the Final Fantasy games. There's 9 of 'em, and there are
similarities between the series (special weapons, the crystals in some of
them, etc), but the stories and characters are different. Maybe I'm just
thinking differently, but unless it's an extension of a series, I wouldn't
expect to see the same characters. "Mobile Suit Gundam" and "Gundam X" are
different series, so why should there be a relation? When FF8 was in
development, rumors would fly around the web and in magazines of people
saying things like, "Oh, see, in the end of FF7 this happened, which caused
this to happen, and hence in FF8 you get this!" But, no! They're not
related, they're not supposed to be! The gundam series are like that. In the
grand scheme of things, they're all related - you know, they have mobile
suits, a gundam, a lot of 'em use the word "minovsky" but beyond that,
they're each different.

Whereas, for a long-running TV series like "Star Trek: the next generation"
you'd expect to see the same crew each season, you wouldn't expect to see
them all the time in say, "Star Trek: Voyager." Same difference, only the
Gundam series are just one season, telling a whole story.

> it's not that they don't care, maybe they don't know. all they know is
> they have seen and that is Wing

That's a good point.

> don't prejudge. for all you know it could be a bigger hit. then again as

well, judging from the reactions the dreamcast game got in the US, the
questions I overhear in video stores occasionally, and what I've read in
magazine reviews (you know, I actually saw one for Gundam 0080 when the dubs
were released talking about how the series didn't fit into the Gundam Wing
story, well yeah, of course it doesn't, and that was in a magazine! in
print! by someone who's supposed to know these things!), I can see similar
things happening. Although, I'd hope that 08ms and the original series
attract a different group of viewers, who might be interested in the actual
series, not how many robots get blown up by some hyper mega beam cannon.

> thats just a small portion of the fans, the outspoken ones. we should
> always remember there's the silent majority of really nice, open minded
> people who doesn't talk much.

That's another good point. Always wondered though, why the silent majority
doesn't do anything about the outspoken ones. it's my experience that a few
of the outspoken ones can ruin it for everybody.

> to put it bluntly, yes you do. but I mean it in the nicest possible way.

heh, suppose I deserved that. But, then again, after working in retail for a
while I think I developed the bad attitude as a sort of self-defense

> let me just put it like this, you rip people off for not knowing enough
> about Gundam, but you yourself should be ripped for expecting everyone to
> know a lot about Gundam.

I don't expect them to know a lot, I just expect them to be like the silent
majority you mentioned, you know, open minded! It's like, there's other
stuff out there, but a lot of them just don't seem to notice one way or the
other. If a guy asks me, "what's this from," and is holding up say, a model
kit of a Gelgoog, I'll say "It's from the original Gundam series, and a few
of the ones later on in the timeline." And if he responds, "Well, they were
never in Wing, you mean there was more to the series?"

I guess some people don't grasp the fact that there were other series. And
they just seem to be the majority of the people I have contact with. Idunno.
Sorry for ranting. hope I didn't hurt any feelings.

Matt "Not Quite Better than Zen" Hanyok
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