garrick lee (
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 23:14:11 -0800 (PST)

oy. it's settled. i just got the hguc gelgoog
marine. :) the mmp-80 is one of my favorite looking
machineguns. i suppose the shield puncher would look
good, going for a medium-to-close combat setup. i'm
itching to give it long range firepower though...a
biiig looong gun...damn, any mecha will look twice as
good with a badass gun.

also picked up a 1/100 dahgi iris (crossbone vanguard)
along the way. now this one came outta nowhere,
wasn't there yesterday, never seen it being sold here
before. :) (it's at SM megamall toy kingdom for
pinoys on the list...P600...only 4 remaining, hehe).
what can i say? i'm a sucker for f91 mechs. still
itching for some shot-lancers though...hrmmm...

meanwhile, the mg gelgoog cannon is all by its
lonesome on the shelves...looking none too good for
the wear and tear, too. this is mind boggling...who
on earth coulda swiped all the gelgoogs? same thing
with the 1/144 ex-sentinels...there were dozens of
them, and now the only one remaining is the booster
version sentinel. 1/144 8th ms gm's are all gone
too...and there were dozens of those. i smell
something fishy.


*slices lim jyue to bite size maki rolls with the shin
garrick tomahawk*

--- Lim Jyue <> wrote:
> At 16:24 02/21/2001 -0800, garrick lee wrote:
> >i forgot to ask -- how's the hguc gelgoog marine
> compared
> >to the 0080 gelgoog jaeger? the aesthetics of the
> gelgoog
> >jaeger are more pleasing to my's
> the kit
> >quality, poseability, proportions? and what
> >accessories does the jaeger come with?
> In short -- because I'm rushing for lunch --
> the Gelgoog Marine is
> way better. MG-style construction in a HGUC package,
> posability and mobility
> like no other kits previously save maybe the GM
> Command(o), and to boot,
> (correctly) colour moulded.
> The Jaeger had a lot of problems -- no
> waist, poor colour, etc.
> Comes, IIRC, with only the big gun, whereas the
> Marine comes with a MMP-80,
> a basher shield and a fancy open palm.
> Gelgoog Marine is way better. But, yes,
> Gelgoog Jaegar looks much
> better.
> >(richie, did you write a gelgoog review already? i
> can't
> >seem to find much gelgoog models on online
> galleries...not
> >even on't seem to be a popular
> >kit...hmmm...)
> >-garrgoog
> Someone -- I think Richie -- had a Gelgoog
> comparison page on
> Newtype Asylum.
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