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> I know, I probably sound like a jerk, I just can't stand it when some guy
> asks me if I like "gundam", and when I respond with a "yes, particularly
> stuff around the one year war and Zeta" he asks me what I'm talking
> Grrr.

to put it bluntly, yes you do. but I mean it in the nicest possible way.
let me just put it like this, you rip people off for not knowing enough
about Gundam, but you yourself should be ripped for expecting everyone to
know a lot about Gundam.

let me give you an example. I know Richie has this pet fish business, he
sells fish to petshops I think. anyway, Richie knows a lot about fishes and
I don't know jack about fishes, but sometimes I like looking at them. so if
I say something about fishes thats wrong and Richie rips me, who's the
bigger jerk? or me being a web developer ripping Richie because he doesn't
know JavaScript even though he works for an company that develops an online

peace man! =)

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