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> Yes, that's it entirely. I don't know how many I speak for here, but I
> have a problem with Wing (or X for that matter, I bloody well liked it),
> a lot of [american] people just assume that everything else that is
> is just a ripoff of Wing. When the gundam game for dreamcast came out, I
> working at a Babbage's. And people kept coming in, asking for that
> Wing" game. And we had numerous returns, from people saying it didn't
> anything to do with Gundam Wing.
> Well, DUH. That's why it isn't called Gundam Wing!

well, being people who are immensely immersed in Gundam (thats us) we should
be understanding to those "first time fans" who's just getting started. I'm
sure we had similar experiences when we were new to the series. when I was
new I was introduced through Wing also and I was tracing the connection of
Gundam Wing and the other series. not all people will spend 1-2 hours a
day/night to research on Gundam, they may be what we call casual fans,
people who like the series but watch on their spare time and buy stuff
whenever they have spare cash. I know most of us here go out of our way to
watch Gundam eps. and buy and read books and magazines plus buy and build
those kits.

> Some of our stores carry (well, carried, idunno if they still do) Gundam
> model kits as well, mostly from X and Wing, but occasionally I saw UC-era
> kits pop up here and there. And people would always ask, "Gee, I don't
> remember this gundam being in the show. Is it from the movie?" NO, it's
> Gundam Wing. It's Gundam. "What's the difference?"

of course most people are familiar with Anime that runs in about 2-4 series
only and usually with one story line from start to finish (same characters).
I mean, Dragon Ball ran for 10 years and you have Gokou all the way. so
they'd expect Gundam to at least have one of the Wing boys in the other
series. on the other hand if Mobile Suit Gundam was the first Gundam to be
shown in the US, you'd expect people to be looking for Amuro or Char in

> Seems to me that most people don't even CARE that there are other series.

it's not that they don't care, maybe they don't know. all they know is what
they have seen and that is Wing

> and I'm sure that when 8th MS and the original series air on cartoon
> network, some will get it, and others will go, "Amuro wasn't as cool as
> Heero, and that stupid-looking gundam would lose in a fight to Super Wing
> Zero Custom 2 EX Plus Alpha Turbo any day!" and "What's up with this
> 'newtype' stuff? That's so gay," or "how come everything looks so plain?
> nobody has any cool spikes or looks cool like Epyon did!" not to mention
> "Char is just trying to be like Zechs" like javier pointed out.

don't prejudge. for all you know it could be a bigger hit. then again as
Fed pointed out, it depends on the general taste of a culture if an anime
will succeed in a country. not only because it's number one in Japan means
its going to be number one in the US or elsewhere.

> Pardon my stereotyping of these people, but like I said, it's been my
> experience with lots of folks. My gripe with them is that they simply
> that wing was first, and the rest of their gundam experiences all come
> that. Most of them don't care to figure out "alternate timelines" to them
> anything. I don't mind if they're not interested, but if they go around
> making assumptions that are clearly wrong (as many do) then somebody's
> to tell them otherwise.

don't assume. a lot of us kit modellers here in the Philippines have a lot
of negative feelings for the mini-4WD of Tamiya because of the fans here.
but I know a lot of mini-4WD fans that are really nice people, its just that
the usual mini-4WD fans you bump into the malls and in hobby shops are smart
alecks and some would belittle the Gundam kits compared to their hobby. but
thats just a small portion of the fans, the outspoken ones. we should
always remember there's the silent majority of really nice, open minded
people who doesn't talk much.

> I know, I probably sound like a jerk, I just can't stand it when some guy
> asks me if I like "gundam", and when I respond with a "yes, particularly
> stuff around the one year war and Zeta" he asks me what I'm talking
> Grrr.

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