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At 16:24 02/21/2001 -0800, garrick lee wrote:
>i forgot to ask -- how's the hguc gelgoog marine compared
>to the 0080 gelgoog jaeger? the aesthetics of the gelgoog
>jaeger are more pleasing to my's the kit
>quality, poseability, proportions? and what
>accessories does the jaeger come with?

        In short -- because I'm rushing for lunch -- the Gelgoog Marine is
way better. MG-style construction in a HGUC package, posability and mobility
like no other kits previously save maybe the GM Command(o), and to boot,
(correctly) colour moulded.

        The Jaeger had a lot of problems -- no waist, poor colour, etc.
Comes, IIRC, with only the big gun, whereas the Marine comes with a MMP-80,
a basher shield and a fancy open palm.

        Gelgoog Marine is way better. But, yes, Gelgoog Jaegar looks much

>(richie, did you write a gelgoog review already? i can't
>seem to find much gelgoog models on online galleries...not
>even on't seem to be a popular

        Someone -- I think Richie -- had a Gelgoog comparison page on
Newtype Asylum.

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