Richie Ramos (
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 12:12:26 +0800

> after staring at the various gelgoogs, i'm settling
> for a master grade ms14A, big gun and skirt.
> unfortunately, after snooping around the shops, i
> found that there was only the gelgoog cannon left. i
> coulda sworn there were tons of gelgoogs just last
> year. dammit, i feel cheated. argh. crud. :[

well, Garrick, I did tell you to get a gelgoog oh so long ago...

I won't stomp on you for this. the sheer thought of imagining you looking
frustrated in the middle of greenhills is enough, LOL!

> matt, thanks for the offer, i haven't replied to the
> private email yet, but i'm sure we can work something
> out with richie.
> so, i'm most likely settling for one of the 1/144
> gelgoogs (and fit it with the biiig 1/144 sentinel
> your heart out cima! :P). i forgot to ask
> -- how's the hguc gelgoog marine compared to the 0080
> gelgoog jaeger? the aesthetics of the gelgoog jaeger
> are more pleasing to my's the kit
> quality, poseability, proportions? and what
> accessories does the jaeger come with? (richie, did
> you write a gelgoog review already? i can't seem to
> find much gelgoog models on online galleries...not
> even on't seem to be a popular
> kit...hmmm...)
> -garrgoog

Yes, Garrick, I have a triple-versus review over at Newtype Asylum for the
1/144 kits.

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