Loran Seakku (neogohan@nc.rr.com)
Wed, 21 Feb 01 22:31:42 -0500

>You know folks, this debate is getting VERY old, VERY fast. Both the Mecha
>Domain and the Gundam Project says nothing about a Core Fighter, which
>means it does not exist. Maybe in concept sketches when 0083 was being
>planned, but not in the actual show. Bandai will not make it with one,
>while they may be inconsistient at times, they are not THAT bad, Sheesh!!

Well maybe... just maybe, when they release the MG, it'll have the left
over parts for the core fighter if they use recycled pieces from the MG
GP01/Fb. Have we seen any official sketches for the GP03 having one or
what? We'll just havw to wait and see

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